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2012 OUGHTsixENDURO Results
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Results should be posted by the evening of April 30 on the Mototally website [see link below]. Sorry for the delay, but poor internet service at the ranch wouldn't allow posting from there. Due to built in filters for national scoring, if you were more than 60 minutes late at any time check, you will be shown as a DNF. If you finished all the checks, we will still figure your scores for Montanaxc series points and place you in the event. You also qualify for a bronze medal as a finisher. The software allows for combining the 2 day totals, but not to post them on the Mototally website, so as soon as I get the rest of the scores and issues figured, we will email and post all of the 2 day totals by email and our website. We got home @ 10pm Monday night after doing a bunch of cleanup. If you have a question about the scores, or anything else, please email at with a detailed explanation and your name, class, and day. It is easier to read a question and figure it out than to try to  take a call on the phone. I will have awards that were not picked up at the Burnt Timber race and Idaho City. After that, I will leave them at a motorcycle dealership closist to your town. I will post a list of those towns shortly. Thanks, Larry H

Two Day AA Results
1st O/A Jason Schrage E2 5348 Gold 

 Josh Knight 6013 Gold
 Bill Radecky 6159 Gold
 Alex Hadley 6542 Gold
 Zeal Sydor 6857 Silver
 Greg Gilliam 2857
 David Refsland 

 Cameron Weaver  5519 Gold
 Shawn Strong 5857 Gold
 Greg Smith 6134 Silver
 Tom Stark 6180 Silver
 Jesse Knapp 6347 Silver
 Jubal Brown 6602 Silver
 Brandon Green 6986 Bronze
 Matthew Paulson 9265 Bronze
 Chase Hadley 4625
 Mike Opper 3241
 Steve Luly  3570
 Jack Sawatzky 2831
 Mauricho Roehm 3725
 Tanner Stredwick 2197
 Cody Idle 692
 Avery Weaver 813
 Adam Dehner 888
 Nathan Knox 425
 Kate Schade 703

 Reid Brown 5579 Gold
 Brady Elton 5687 Gold
 Rich Black 5825 Gold
 Ty McKenna 5837 Gold
 Alan Deyo 6004 Gold
 Wesley Luly 6060 Gold
 Tab Sydor 6522 Silver
 CR Eisenzimer 13242
 Randy Hasselstrom 6547
 Buck Dolan 3215

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